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Chinese Art Adviser & Certified Art Appraiser

Dr. Wei Yang, Asian Art Specialist

We are Chinese art professionals with experience and integrity. Quality, honesty and transparency are our most important values.  We never mislead you, and we will never ask you to pay for services that are unnecessary for achieving your goals. Our job is to provide you with objective advice. We are honest about the art you own and its likely performance in the current Chinese art market. The written reports we prepare are based on thorough research on the history, style, and artistic background of your art, as well as the recent performance of objects like it in the market place.

We are transparent in providing high-quality, professional services. Before we begin research, we state what you can expect in a written report, explain the way we figure costs, and ask for your approval in the form of an engagement letter. We insist that you understand the appraisal process before committing to it. We are happy to answer any questions, and we are often able to extend a discount for appraisal of multiple objects of a similar style or by the same artist or workshop.

We don't try to be an expert on all forms of Asian art, although we have been exposed to all major Asian cultural traitions and visual aesthetics in our graduate studies. We limit our practice largely to the areas in which we are qualified, by dint of our Ph.D. and M.A. degrees and our research experience: Chinese and Tibetan Art.

We take your art consulting and appraisal needs seriously. We pledge to serve you with expertise, integrity, and professionalism.

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Meet Our Chinese Art Specialist

Dr. Wei Yang is a Chinese art specialist with a Ph.D in Chinese art and Tibetan Art. She is also a certified Fine and Decorative Art Appraiser and an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) in Asian Art (American Society of Appraisers). With a M.A. degree in Asian art, Dr. Yang consults and appraises Asian Art, with a concentration on Chinese art of all categories, including painting, furniture, woodblock prints, textiles, wood/ivory carvings and scholarly objects (ink stones, brush holders, etc.). Dr. Yang also specializes in Chinese decorative arts, such as screens, jade, kesi tapestries, and Tibetan Buddhist fine arts (thangkas) and ritual objects.

Dr. Yang has had a long and successful career in different aspects of Chinese art and art connoisseurship. For almost 25 years, Wei Yang has been educating the public about Chinese art. For many years she ran the education division at the Dunhuang Research Academy (Mogao Caves) in Dunhuang (Gansu, China), the largest repository of Buddhist art in the world. Subsequently she moved to the U.S. and earned a B.A. degree in art history and a M.A. degree in Asian Art at Smith College (Northampton, MA), and completed a Ph.D. degree in Chinese art and Tibetan art at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) in 2005. Before she started her own art consulting & appraisal company, WEI YANG ART, she held the position of Chinese Art Bibliographer for the Marquand Art Library at Princeton University for almost three years. In 2011, Dr. Yang earned a certificate of Antique Chinese Scroll Mounting & Restoration from the Academy of Fine Arts in Jinan, China.

Dr. Yang has never stopped sharpening her consulting & appraisal skills. In order to serve the public to the best of her abilities, Dr. Yang dedicated herself to the study of the Principles of Valuation by attending professional educational programs. She earned a certificate of Fine and Decorative Art Appraisal from Pratt Institute in New York in 2009. She successfully completed the four courses for Personal Property Valuation jointly offered by American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and Pratt Institute. She passed the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) exam developed by the Appraisal Foundation, an organization authorized by the U.S. Congress as the source of appraisal standards and appraisal qualifications, and the code of ethics exam administered by the American Society of Appraisers. She was designated as an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) in Asian art by American Society of Appraisers. As a Chinese art historian appraiser, she complies with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) in her report preparation and conforms to the Code of Ethics in her practice. She limits her practice largely to the areas in which she is qualified, by dint of her Ph.D., M.A. and her research experience: East Asian Art, Chinese art, and Tibetan Art.

Dr. Yang is an independent scholar, Chinese art adviser and certified appraiser. As an academic, she has committed herself to all Chinese artistic traditions, and dedicated herself to helping others understand and appreciate Chinese art. With a scholarly focus on Chinese painting and Buddhist art, doctoral training in Chinese art in general, up-to-date knowledge of the Chinese art market and Chinese art connoisseurship, as well as abilities in reading, speaking, and writing several Asian languages (Chinese, both classical and modern, Japanese, and some Tibetan), Dr. Yang guarantees that her clients are offered professional consulting and appraisal services of the highest quality.

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Need References? Please read Our Client's Comments on their experience with Dr. Wei Yang. Please Contact Us or call us at (609) 688-6891. We are happy to assist you with your project at all levels.

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