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Wei Yang Art

Chinese Art Adviser/ Certified Art Appraiser
Accredited Senior Appraiser of Asian Art

274 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08540, U.S.

(609) 688-6891
contact@weiyangart.com www.chineseartappraisal.com


We are independent Asian art consultants & appraisers. We pledge to serve your art consulting & appraisal needs with professional integrity, transparency and objectivity.

We are art professionals with academic credentials unmatched in the field. Our principal appraiser, Dr. Wei Yang has a Ph.D. in Chinese art history from Northwestern University (IL), a M.A. in Buddhist Art and a B.A. in art history from Smith College (MA), a certificate of Fine and Decorative Arts Appraisal from Pratt Institute (NY), and a designation of Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) of Asian Art from American Society of Appraisers.

We specialize in Asian art, with a concentration on Chinese Art. We only accept appraisal assignments that match our expertise. We consult and appraise Chinese painting & calligraphy, pottery & ceramics, antique furniture, textile and embroidery, Buddhist art, sculpture & decorative arts, such as wood and ivory carvings. We conduct research on Japanese art (painting, screens, woodblock prints, Buddhist art and ceramics), Indian Buddhist art & Tibetan Thanghka and Ritual objects.

We provide quality Asian art consultation and appraisal services. We are trained academics with Ph.D. in Chinese History, Philosophy, and Art History from prestigious American Universities. We take pride in applying our academic training to the art consulting & appraisal profession. We advance our appraiser's career by having adopted a vigrous self-training program and an extensive study of Asian art. Our research interests range from cultural and political history, textual research, visual analysis, art market investigation, reading of classical Chinese scripts, to Chinese painting mounting and restoration. Our forensic study of art works is particularly convincing to the insurance claim or settlement appraisal.

We are art historian appraisers who conduct research on most Asian art works. Our doctoral training on Chinese classics, Asian cultural aesthetics and art traditions, including the reading of classical Chinese scripts, has shaped the depth of our Asian art expertise and enhanced the adequateness of our professional services. With a set of specialized language skills (Classical and modern Chinese, Japanese, Sanskrit, some Tibetan), we identify an Asian art work with high accuracy and conduct research in its original contexts. Our knowledge of Asian art market, the behavior of auction houses and art market economics allows us to present our opinions based on evidence and facts.

We are qualified art appraisers for tax-related (IRS) appraisals. We understand that defending a poorly prepared appraisal or valuation opinion in court can be disastrous and costly. Thus, we take all our appraisal assignments very seriously. Before we conduct research on a tax-related appraisal assignment, we study the IRS rules and regulations for personal property tax to assure that we understand the rules and regulations. For litigation purposes, we review relevant cases and issues to consolidate the strength of our value opinions. We have prepared appraisals for varous tax-related IRS purposes, ranging from estate tax, charitable donation tax deduction, gift tax to capital gain tax appraisal. We adopt a layman's approach to a complicated artistic question, and explain our findings and reasoning in a language comprehensible to everybody.



We serve the public with respect, objectivity and integrity. We comply with The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and conform to the Code of Ethics for appraisers in our practice. No matter what project you have, big or small, simple or complicated, we play by the rules.

We give you our undivided attention. From the moment you contact us, one of our Asian art specialists will work directly with you until the assignment is completed.

We operate on a demanding completion schedule to ease your anxiety or curiosity. We aim to complete an appraisal of 1-5 objects within 2 weeks and a sizable collection appraisal within 4 weeks. Our completion estimate is usually accurate, unless unique circumstances demand more time.

We provide personalized Asian art consulting & appraisal services. We tailor our art consulting & appraisal services to meet your specific needs. If there is a problem, there is a solution. Your art consultant or appraiser is going to find it for you.

Need Quality Asian Art Appraisal? Please Contact Us or Call Us at (609) 688-6891.


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