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Asian Art Consulting & Appraisal

Asian Art Consulting & Appraisal

We are independent art consultant & appraisers specializing in Asian art. We are honest & caring art professionals, pledging to serve you to the best of our abilities. We honor respect, honesty & transparency in our art consulting & appraisal services.

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We are art professionals with academic credentials unmatched in the field. Our principal appraiser, Dr. Wei Yang has a Ph.D. in Chinese art history from Northwestern University (IL), a M.A. in Buddhist Art and a B.A. in art history from Smith College (MA), a certificate of Fine and Decorative Arts Appraisal from Pratt Institute (NY), and a designation of Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) of Asian Art from American Society of Appraisers.

We are art professionals with in-depth expertise in Asian art. Before we served as art consultants and appraisers, we completed graduate stuides of Asian art history, art aesthetics and traditions, Buddhist art, Chinese history, and others. Our research interests range from cultural and political history, textual research, visual analysis, art market investigation, identification of classical Chinese scripts, to Chinese painting mounting and restoration. Our forensic study of a damaged art work is particularly effective for insurance claim settlement purposes. Our knowledge of Asian art market, the behavior of auction houses and art market economics allows us to present our opinions based on evidence and facts.

We are qualified art appraisers for IRS appraisals. We study the relevant IRS rules and regulations before composing an appraisal for income tax deductible charitable donation, capital gains tax, estate & gift tax, etc. We often adopt a layman's approach to a complicated artistic question, and explain our findings and reasoning in a language comprehensible to everybody.

We possess a set of special language skills unmatched in the field. We read major Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, and Sanskrit). Our doctoral training on Chinese classics, cultural aesthetics and art traditions, including the reading of classical Chinese scripts, has shaped the depth of our Asian art expertise and enhanced the adequateness of our professional services.

Our Asian art consulting & appraisal complies with The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and conforms to the Code of Ethics for appraisers.

We made a pledge to serve the public with respect, objectivity and integrity. No matter what project you have, big or small, simple or complicated, you will work directly with one of our Asian art specialists from the moment you contact us to the completion of the assignment. We believe, if there is a problem, there is a solution. We strive for providing high-quality Asian art consulting & appraisal services that being tailored to answer your specific questions and meet your individual needs.


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